The Ski resorts and grocery stores are packed. The traffic is miserable and finding parking is mission impossible. Lots of family and friends are gathering for food and spirits and general relaxation.

What does it mean? Does anybody even know what day we are celebrating? Is it bankers bonus day? Is it national hooray for unemployment day? Are we to believe that while we are sleeping in, getting together, making turns, and parked in traffic, that this day was a freebie? Just another arbitrary day off, courtesy of the US government.

MLK day. So much easier to say. We can abbreviate the meaning and the history right out of it. Sort of like X-mas. A bland new generic of the birth of Christ. Complete with bows and wrapping paper.

I went to get my MLK day gear, you know the colored eggs and chocolate rabbits…wait, no the heart shaped candies…nope, maybe I need a costume! Not Halloween either. Hmmm. No fireworks, no candies, no costumes or pinatas, no decorations or adornments to make the gleeful announcement of this fine holiday?

It is not MLK day. It is Martin Luther King day.

It is a day set aside for a man who dedicated his life to changing the the dirty laundry of the America that most of us wish we could forget. His example of ceaseless dedication, perseverance and diligence should shine bright in all of our eyes today. THIS day, holds no profit margin, no reckless expenditure, no retail madness, no Wall Street sensationalism.

This day, to celebrate Martin Luther King, and his incredible sacrifice and his strength of will and character,  his immense contribution to the evolution of our society…

We should get up off our fat lazy asses of do some work.

I have to believe that if Martin Luther King were alive he would be embarrassed that all his efforts amounted to an abbreviated, hyphenated, homogenized, understatement of mediocrity.

Don’t let it be so with you. Change somebody’s life today. Change somebody’s mind.

Do work, son. Do work.


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