You gotta love getting turned down for a job because you have too much experience. People never cease to amaze me.  Like what am I supposed to do?  Act dumb?  Pretend I am brand new and don’t know a thing?  Yes, I am brand new.  What have you been doing for the last 15 years of your adult life?  Who me?  Nothing!

In this economy it seems clear to me that employers don’t really know what they want.  Given the current situation, where there is 100 applicants for every one position open, it seems they have thier pick of the litter.  Perhaps they just want superman on cracker and for a buck.

Having been in the job market in my professional nich for well over a year now, I can tell you there is endless number of highly experienced techs out of work and ready to do nearly anything to get back in the game.  The audio video industry has been pummeled by the downturn faster than most industries and will take longer to rebound.

In my experience, A/V firms typically have pretty aggregated levels of experience; highly experienced (or at least long term) employees, mid-carreer A/V junkies that know alot about a certain aspect of the biz but not much else, and newbies that are either hot shots willing to turn tricks for recognition and are at a full scramble to make the “A” team.  Of course its more complicated than that, but really, not much more.

The trend now is to hire cheap and smother them with promises, work them until they collapse and get a new one much the same way; disposable employees.  I have also seen that there is a major gap between the level of compensation the techs/PMs recieve and what the company brings in.  Great if you are reinvesting this money towards bolstering and growing the company. But judging from your house and car collection and my latest pay stub; I doubt it.

What I dont understand is why we cannot justify the few extra dollars to bring on an experienced tech because he is overqualified but we can always manage to hire some friends son, cousin, uncle/nephew, etc that is one step off of retarded and then expect our others techs to pick up his mess?  Are you fucking kidding me?  Pull your head out please and pretend you can manage a company and possibly a little common sense.  There is no such thing as overqualified and people who think this are scared and intimidated by people with real skills.  So if you ever hear this come out of a managers mouth, they are probably dumb as hell and don’t want to hire anyone remotely capable of recognizing them as such.

In short – Skilled techs please dumb it down if you want get a job.  Hiring managers– pull your head out and hire somebody smarter than you, it will make you a better manager if you let it.

pull your head out of your ass


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