John O’ has been involved in the Audio/Video industry for over 12 years.  Beginning in 1997 when first hired by Sunfire corp. in Snohomish Wa, as line assembly tech (solder monkey).  Since then he has been a part such great custom installation teams as HI-FI sales Mesa, AZ. and Thul Electronics Vail, CO.  Having been lead tech and PM on many large and in depth projects, including Home automation, security, home theatre, and environmental controls, John’s aptitude and attitude are the things that separate him from the rest. “All team, all day”  says John. “One person can do amazing things but together we can move mountains.”

In addition to his manufacturing and custom installation background, John has developed leadership skills through his experience as Welding and Forklift Instructor at a Toyota Motors company.  During this time, achieving a Bachelors in Business Administration from Lindenwood University,  St.Charles, MO. , became a priority for John.  Intense focus on IT and web design/ standards and raising his daughter would keep him busy for four years.

“I chose the IT and web focus because it seemed natural to me that the future of Audio/Video was on the internet.  More and more people are moving towards internet driven entertainment.  Plus, I wanted to do more than bring people access to to the home theatre experience, I wanted to create it.” -J

After graduation, John’s entrepreneurial spirit drove him to strike out on his own with adventure productions llc., a multi-media company, where he, Jim and Tom have joined forces to pilot their start-up to the top of custom, content driven video, photography and web design.  “Focusing on unique and distinguished clients and providing content and branding as outstanding a our customers and their businesses along with the best customer service, we believe will be the secret to our success.”

Tinkering by nature- “When he first, at the age of two, took apart his grandmothers chair while she sat in it, we all knew how it was going to be.”  Geoffrey O’Herron (Pops)

“I was building speaker boxes out of cardboard and spending my allowance at Radio shack…repairing solder connections and replacing fuses and resistors in old equipment found in the dumpster… it was pretty clear what I wanted to do.”  John O’


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