On the bright side…

My industry is in shambles. The few with work are making it stretch and the many without are searching, hoping, and praying. Praying that the economy turns around and we can go back to work, building awesome home theaters, media rooms, automating houses with the latest cutting edge technology that makes Star Trek look like Robinson Crusoe.

I have personally sent out over a thousand resumes, emails, pdfs, applications and networked my little tail off. I have now had two of the most depressing and horrible part time gigs EVER in my life and have fallen back on skills I forgot I had. Not boo hooing here, just stating the facts.

BUT, on the bright side (like the title says) when the A/V techs left afloat in this mess finally do go back to work; we will have our work cut out for us. I cant even imagine all the cousins, brothers, sisters, uncles and neighbors who “know all about those electronic type things” have been diligently whirring on whit less and unsuspecting neighbors and relatives’ BestBuy tvs, computers, stereos and what have you, making me proud. Proud to know that we will have all the work in the world redoing that mess and proving our worth once again to those who would cheap out on installation only to know the nightmare of their undoing.

Thanks, we’ll see you soon.


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